Exactly Istanbul must be the starting place to explore Turkey. This ancient-meets-modern city sets the tone for Turkey. There’s no way to fully understand the grandeur of the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia until you walk the halls yourself.

Afterward, you should stroll to the Grand Bazaar, where once again “grand” is an understatement. It’s a feast for the senses—the intermingling aromas of mounds of spices, the glow of antique lanterns hanging from the rafters, the velvety silk scarves in every shade. You could easily get lost among the winding halls and endless blocks, so Sightseeist can arrange for a private guide to show you around. 

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Travelers interested in visiting Turkey with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia are in luck: The United States dollar has been strong against the Turkish lira recently, and your money goes a long way.

Visit During Value Months

Sightseeist : the most experienced local expert : "You can have an unforgettable upscale vacation in Turkey without trying too hard"

Visit Turkey in July, August, September October and November when hotel rates are at least 20 percent lower compared with the rest of the year.

Stay at the contracted deluxe hotels or small boutique hotels

As Sightseeist we have wide range of contracted five star hotels in Turkey and we give the best rates to our clients and partner agencies. Also you may prefer the Turkey’s many small boutique hotels. They generally cost less than five-star properties, but still offer excellent service. Please ask for our offer, nightly rates starting at $120 at deluxe hotels...

Book a Private Tour Guide

Hiring one of the best tour guides of Sightseeist for at least a day or two to show you Istanbul and Turkey’s many historical sites and museums is the way to go if you’re looking for a memorable trip. Rates can be around $100. Sightseeist's private guides also save you time because they know how to get from place to place quickly, and can secure tickets in advance to the attractions you’ll be visiting so you won’t have to wait in long entrance lines.

Shop Away

You don’t have to feel guilty about shopping in Istanbul. “Whether it’s spices, jewelry, carpets, ceramics or handmade scarves, you can buy top-quality items here at very reasonable prices.

Hit the Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar, browse the shops lining Istikal Street in Beyoglu and Nisantasi districts, which sell everything from local nuts and handicrafts to clothes by up-and-coming Turkish designers.

Dine Like the Locals

Turks enjoy drinking and eating well. “You can have fabulous kebabs and meze for $15 a person, and fresh seafood meals for as little as $25 a person. And, if you stick to drinking local wines and spirits, your alcohol tabs won’t be high.

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What is the current situation for US travelers wishing to go to Turkey.

What’s going on with Turkey visas for Americans?

We're happy to inform you that US passport holders can obtain an electronic visa now and explore Turkey, the most enchanting country in the world.

Turkey is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, bridging continents and holding tremendous ancient history. It is a fascinating cultural mosaic, rich in treasures from famed empires spanning 5,000 + years. It’s also a paradise for relaxation amid breathtaking settings.

What makes Turkey such a special place to visit?

Istanbul, Turkey's the most important and biggest city, with its 20.000.000 + population, home to the architecturally astonishing Hagia Sophia, the magnificent Topkapi Palace, bustling Grand Bazaar and the storied Bosphorus. Magnificent ruins pop up in such places as Ephesus (see above), once the second-largest city in the Roman Empire, while Cappadocia astounds visitors with its Byzantine fresco-filled caves and needle-like towers, formed by solidified, eroded volcanic ash. And the sublimely blue waves of the Aegean Sea beckon for relaxing sailing cruises by traditional gulet, complete with stops for snorkeling, hiking rocky shorelines, wandering vivacious small-town markets, and meeting local chefs.

In addition to all there is to see, the Turkish people are incredibly welcoming and the food is fabulous, infused with the flavors of the many cultures that have influenced the region.

What advice do you have for US travelers in Turkey?

First of all, remember the importance of working with a trusted travel partner. Sightseeist the most experienced luxury travel company in Turkey. Our passionate experts in the office and in the field are the most knowledgeable, experienced team in private & luxury travel.

Also we recommend spending part of your trip learning about Turkey’s layered history. After more than 25 years of welcoming travelers to Turkey, our deep in-country connections mean we can arrange guided tours at off-the-beaten-path spots and exclusive events like an after-hours dinner—complete with chamber music—among the vestiges of Ephesus. We have plenty of other ideas—like hot-air ballooning over Cappadocia's fairy landscapes at dawn, dining with a local family in the hilltop town of Sirince, enjoying private lectures by archaeologists at Aphrodisias and Troy, seeing Ankara like a local—that we love to share with our guests.

To really bring the country and experiences to life for our travelers, we pair them with tried-and-true, phenomenal national guides.

Is it safe to travel to Turkey in 2018 and 2019 ?

Yes, exactly... If you are ready to travel to UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and any of other European countries, than you can travel to Turkey as well with more confidence.

As Sightseeist, we always aware of your safety and security when touring with us throughout Turkey. Our private guides and drivers are expert professionals and have been working at Sightseeist for 15 + years.

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